Interview Tips for Skilled Trade Jobs

Ace Your Skilled Trade Job Interview with These 5 Simple Tips

The day arrives for your big job interview.  This is time for when your preparation is supposed to pay off with the result of moving to the next stage in the hiring process or better yet, to receive a job offer.

Why would you leave even the smallest detail to chance?

Be different and stand out from the other candidates when you use one or all of these simple tips during your next job interview:

1.       Show up no later than fifteen minutes before the time of your scheduled interview.

Why?  Being late to an interview (regardless of the position) is unacceptable in the eyes of the employer.  It shows them that you do not take the opportunity seriously and is a sign of disrespect.   If you are concerned about being tardy for a job interview, plan your trip to where the interview will take place and make considerations for traffic, weather, and time of day.

Nervous?  It’s human nature to be nervous leading up to important events in our lives.  If you find yourself showing these symptoms before your job interview relax and compose yourself before entering the building for your interview.  Since you will be early anyways, the few moments of extra time may help you to focus.

2.       Wear professional business attire.

Why?  Not all job interviews require a suite and tie.  Employers understand that day-to-day job attire will vary per position.  Making sure that you are neatly dressed and that your clothes are clean should be considered the bare minimum standard for any job interview.

3.       Avoid ALL negative remarks of past employers or supervisors.

Why?  Keeping your comments positive will show an employer that you are able to demonstrate professionalism and composure when describing past employment situations that may have been less than ideal.

4.       Research the company and position for which you will be interviewing.

Why?  Demonstrating your preparation through thoughtful questions will help to show that you are serious about the job opportunity and the company.

5.       Practice explaining your past work experience for each job in specific technical detail.

Why?  For technical skilled trade positions the interviewer may in fact be someone you report directly to, or, is in the interviews to properly vet the technical expertise of candidates.  In addition, being able to explain gaps in your job history and time line will be extremely important.

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